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Susan Chen

Meet Susan Chen, a client connector and high achiever who began her journey with Pitcher Partners as a graduate in Pitcher Partners Sydney.

Client connector and high achiever

With a Bachelor of International Commerce (Accounting and Japanese) under her belt as well as working on her CA accreditation when starting with the firm, Susan has thrived in Pitcher Partners’ supportive environment.

Joining the firm as a graduate, Susan was initially surprised at the responsibility entrusted to her – a reflection of her aptitude and attitude to delivering a high standard of work for the Sydney firm’s clients.

A voracious learner always keen to stay on top of industry trends and skills, the firm’s ongoing tax training, briefing sessions and industry workshops help Susan to stay at the top of her professional game.

“Ongoing development ensures I maintain the tools and knowledge to help clients navigate the often complex and ever-changing accounting landscape,” says Susan.

The supportive culture within the firm has played a key role is Susan’s growth and success too. “We have study sessions before quizzes and exams, with support and guidance from different colleagues who have already completed their CA,” she says. “It’s provides a great opportunity to discuss the course work and ask questions in a safe environment.”

Today, Susan is an accountant in the PBFA division (the area of the firm that supports privately held and family-owned businesses) of Pitcher Partners Sydney and wears many different hats. On one day she may be the bookkeeper for a newly established domestic company and the next day the payroll officer for an organisation that doesn’t have an in-house accountant.

Thriving on the diversity and hands-on experience, for Susan working alongside clients has been the highlight of Susan’s career so far.

“Getting to know the client, its people and its operations enables me to establish collaborative relationships,” she says. “I feel as though I have a team at Pitcher Partners and another one at the client’s premise”.

When considering her proudest work moments, Susan reflects on a client she had worked with for over a year.

“When I started, the expectation was that I’d assist with basic tasks like data entry, processing and bookkeeping,” she says.

However, Susan was soon responsible for the financial accounting, reviewing expenses, reconciling month-ends, and compiling information to report to the head company overseas.

“The responsibility reinforced the importance of the work we do for clients,” says Susan. “The experience also demonstrated to me that I know more and am far more capable than I previously thought, and I felt strongly support through the whole process.”

An asset to any team she is a part of, Susan’s admirable work ethic and technical talents have seen her quickly recognised as an integral part of the firm with a bright professional future.

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