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Shelley Patron

Starting with Pitcher Partners Melbourne in 2011, Shelley fondly remembers the many colleagues that quickly evolved into lifelong friends, and the pivotal technical experiences that made her the passionate professional she is today.

My career with PP started in 2011 with the Melbourne office, I was a Senior Manager in the Audit Technical division where I focused on audit methodology and technical training. Today, I am a Senior Manager in the Risk and Quality division at PwC, where I am responsible for auditor reporting, knowledge management, and policy simplification. 

I was attracted to Pitcher Partners because of the opportunity to work with a team of auditing technical specialists who I could learn from and develop my technical skills. In my previous role, I was the only technical specialist, so I didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off and benefit from their experience. Working at PP set the foundations for where I am today by exposing me to interesting clients, challenges, and the Australian market (I am originally from South Africa and immigrated to Australia in 2007). 

One of my proudest moments at Pitcher Partners was developing and launching the revamped PP audit methodology. It was a huge milestone for me professionally and from a self-growth perspective. It was a rewarding experience. Beyond my work, the people were a big part of what made my job so fulfilling. During my time at PP I worked with so many wonderful individuals, and I have lifelong friendships as a result. The technical team was like a little family, and the support and camaraderie made coming to work so enjoyable. 

I eventually moved to a role with PwC, which excited me because of the breadth of clients, diverse experiences, and knowledge that awaited. I was ready to continue my learning journey in the profession and build on the knowledge and skills I had developed at PP. 

In terms of my personal and professional growth, my situation has evolved significantly since I started at Pitcher Partners. However, I feel very fulfilled in both aspects, and as long as I continue to learn and grow, I don’t see any drastic changes on the horizon. 

Looking ahead, my future plans are to continue in my learning and growth journeys. I am excited about what the future holds and am grateful for the opportunities that Pitcher Partners has given me to get to where I am today. 

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