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Chris Oddie

From Tasmania to Melbourne and back again, PP Alumni Chris Oddie shares his professional and personal journey, and how it has helped shape the CFO he is today.

I came to Pitcher Partners in Jun 1995 from a small firm in Tasmania, enjoying a two-year tenure with PP Melbourne.

During my time with the firm, I joined the Private Business Group as a Senior Accountant, and worked with Managers Alex Cocchaiara and David Thomson and an awesome team including Alex Marchione, David Carruthers, Adam Timms, Adam Stanley, Dionne Heathfield and many more. I was offered other roles, but the Pitchers size and client base was a more attractive fit for me.

I experienced a broad range of clients from timber merchants, clothing retail, automotive repairers, plastic manufacturers to name a few. It was the first opportunity I was given to manage/mentor staff. I recall one graduate who introduced me to her parents as her boss, which made me feel ridiculously old at 25.

I was offered a role with KPMG back in Hobart in 1997 so returned home and am currently in Tasmania which allows me to enjoy a rewarding career while being close to family. I left my firm role in 2000 and embarked on my first major industry role with what is now Symbion Pharmacy as State Finance Manager. I always envisaged I would leave practice and move to industry, and each role prepared me for this

For the last 5 years I have been CFO of Li-Ve Tasmania, one of the state’s largest disability service providers. We support over 300 disabled people and working in the NDIS has been a huge challenge, the sector is underestimated in both complexity and demand. We now run a commercial fee for service business with an incredible purpose, looking after vulnerable people

I have been fortunate over my 30-year career to have worked in large listed environments with some amazing teams across many industries and all my previous roles have contributed to the CFO I am today

To this day I still keep in touch with Stephen and professionally I have often come across PP, even recently engaging with specialist services delivered by the Melbourne team

Outside of work I have been heavily involved in football (soccer) coaching at various levels and helping players/staff grow and develop is something I am very proud of. I don’t think of myself as boss or coach but prefer to see myself as a teammate.

I have two sons, one now living in Melbourne. I met my wonderful partner Anna 7 years ago who has two amazing daughters that welcomed me into their lives. I look forward to what the future brings professionally and personally, and am grateful for all that I have learned from my time at Pitcher Partners and other career experiences.




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