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Vantage simplifies your financial processes and provides powerful analysis that makes a real difference to strategic decision-making.
Make smarter decisions

The wellbeing of your business depends on the quality of your everyday decision making. To stay ahead of competitors and address ongoing issues and opportunities, your responses need to be timely, smart and based on all relevant facts.

Vantage arms you with easy to interpret financial analysis matched with timely strategic advice, so you can make smarter decisions every day. It’s a completely new way to view your business and get perspective on elements you may have not been able to get a handle on previously.

Customised reports

Vantage reports are designed to provide you with next level reporting tailored for your business. Our reports look at your financials, your non-financials, your website analytics, or even your personnel information. With the visibility Vantage provides, you’ll be able to deal with issues or respond to opportunities that arise with greater confidence.

Streamlined processes

We can help you set up processes for your business to streamline your financial management system. Whether you outsource your bookkeeping, manage it in-house, want us to take care of everything, or work somewhere in between, we can help you simplify your systems and improve financial visibility.

Your own industry expert

Pitcher Partners prides itself on its people, and although technology allows us to do more with your data, it’s the quality of our advisors and the expertise of our industry specialists that is the true value of Vantage, and what we think sets us apart.

Powered by people. Enabled by technology. 

If you’re using cloud-based accounting tools like Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB, access to your financial data is even timelier, providing more valuable insights. Vantage complements these tools, so you get maximum value from your financial information. We can help you spot patterns, issues and opportunities as they happen – no waiting until the end of the quarter.

Not on a cloud-based accounting package? Talk to us about the benefits of switching over or how we can help you with your current system.

Our experts

Adrian Clerici

Adrian Clerici

Partner Melbourne
Brett Headrick

Brett Headrick

Partner Brisbane
Raelene Berryman

Raelene Berryman

Partner Sydney
Ryan Curry

Ryan Curry

Principal Adelaide
Dean Love

Dean Love

Partner Melbourne
Scott Edden

Scott Edden

Partner Newcastle and Hunter
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