International Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE)

It takes strong leadership and innovation for organisations to succeed in dynamic and highly competitive business and political environments. In essence, it takes entrepreneurial skills and innovation. Disruption is occurring across all dimensions of business; in fact no professional firm or middle market business is immune from this disruption.

What we do

The International Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE) creates the opportunity and platform for professional service firms, local and state government agencies and not for profits to become learning organisations capable of responding to this disruption by having access to:

The International Institute of Entrepreneurship will provide:

Skills and Capabilities

  • a broad range of skills and capabilities to respond to these disruptions
  • executive education initiatives and in-house training
  • opportunities for professional staff to be engaged together in study programs structured specifically for mature professional staff
  • a strong cross disciplinary alumni of professional associates
  • best in class national and international lecturers
  • study tours of international best practice firms.

Learning that’s ready when you are

  • a range of webinars, podcasts and other resources to support you
  • internationally accredited research and reports

Meet an Entrepreneur and other networking events

  • building supportive networks through a “Lunch with an entrepreneur” series
  • “Meet the Entrepreneur Dinners”
  • unique, current, Australian Case Studies

The IIE offers a range of initiatives for business executives to government officials to develop innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets and to learn the ‘how to…. of entrepreneurship’ together. Innovation is central to entrepreneurship and to the sustainability of middle market firms with creativity critical for those seeking to remain at the forefront of their industries.

The IIE is a centre of excellence for:

  • middle market thought leadership
  • communicating the skills and techniques behind innovative and entrepreneurial thought and action, and
  • imparting expertise that enables managers and entrepreneurs to make crucial decisions to compete successfully.

Who we are

The IIE is established by Pitcher Partners, a firm known nationally for its strategic insight and advisory services to the middle market.

Our objective is specifically to accelerate entrepreneurial thinking within professional service firms and middle market clients.

We see entrepreneurship as the ability to turn ideas into actions and commercial outcomes.

It is a universal concept that can be applied in small and medium enterprises, large and multi-national organisations as well as social ventures, enterprises, communities and government.

Any person with the right mindset, drive and motivation can develop an innovative and entrepreneurial perspective – it’s just a matter of knowing what to do and doing it.

Our Philosophy

To be the centre of excellence for Middle Market professionals, firms and organisations supported by public research, a customised professional service post-graduate qualification and training, and events with entrepreneurs.

Our programs are enabled by digital learning resources.

We believe the best learning environment is one built on small class sizes with maximum interaction on a face-to-face level and contemporary Australian case studies and problems to be solved.

A range of highly qualified academics, entrepreneurs and business professionals – both national and international - present the Institute ’s courses.

Where possible, groups comprise a unique mix of experienced professionals from a broad range of companies and cultures to provide a wealth of practical insights, making for an exciting and dynamic setting in which participants learn, share methods and generate new ideas.

And, of course, the immeasurable benefit of building a network of long-lasting relationships with like-minded experienced professional peers.

  • Our Commitment
  • Our Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program
  • Our 2017 Graduate Diploma Program
  • Our 2017 Graduate Certificate Program

Our Academic Partners

The IIE in collaboration with the distinguished Swinburne University will offer graduate programs through the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE); Swinburne University will be delivering our qualifications in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The AGSE is acknowledged for have established the first Entrepreneurship degree in Australia and is recognised world-wide for its excellence. Working with their academics, the Institute has developed an education program tailored and customised to Australian businesses, government and advisors.

Our Commitment to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Pitcher Partners has a long-standing commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship in both the private and public sector. It has invested significant energy and resources to the IIE as well as supporting many of its own staff through the post graduate degrees. 

The IIE Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

This program is cutting-edge education designed jointly by Pitcher Partners and the AGSE to meet today’s challenges of highly demanding industries or business functions.

It is delivered by range of highly qualified business - experienced academics, entrepreneurs and business professionals – both national and international - that we have selected in combination with AGSE.

The program delivers the tools necessary to leverage the potential of your staff to become world-class leaders with profound expertise and real-world practical advisory skills.

This enables your staff to seize new opportunities, quickly adapt to new business environments and overcome challenges.

The IIE delivers in collaboration with the AGSE, a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and culminates in a Master qualification in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

For further information please download our Brochure.

Our Non-Accredited Training Partners and Programs

We have selected a range of outstanding training facilitators to deliver short intensive training programs customised to your business.

These programs have been pre-qualified and delivered within Pitcher Partners and found to be of very high quality and impact within the firm; they are now offered in partnership with a range of approved training organisations.

Our Executive Education programs offer comprehensive, uniquely tailored learning experiences to give busy executives an overview and the tools to foster entrepreneurship in their professional lives.

The IIE will work with businesses to develop a tailored education program to suit the individual needs and circumstances of that business, its executives and staff.


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