Tax planning toolkit for 30 June 2017

By Alexis Kokkinos - June 8, 2017

The 30 June 2017 year-end is quickly drawing to a close. To assist you in your consideration of year-end tax planning, Pitcher Partners has put together a comprehensive year-end tax planning toolkit. The 140+ page booklet goes through a checklist of close to 200 year-end tax planning considerations for the 30 June 2016/17 income year. To organise a meeting to work through your year-end tax planning, contact your regular Pitcher Partners representative.

A. About the toolkit

The tax planning toolkit is split into a number of sections, covering income, deductions, trusts, companies, partnerships, individuals, CGT, finance issues, international, superannuation, GST and integrity provisions.  Each section contains various year-end planning considerations, including a description of the item. 

The document is provided to you as an editable and printable Adobe PDF.  This means that you can search the document, tick the relevant tax planning items and provide comments directly in the PDF.  You can then save the document and forward it to your Pitcher Partners representative for further discussion and consideration.  We have provided instructions on how to use the PDF below and have included a link to a free app that allows you to edit the document in your mobile device.

We hope that our toolkit proves to be a useful tool for your tax planning preparation for this 30 June. 

B. Accessing the toolkit

To access the toolkit (click here)

C. Using the toolkit with your mobile device

The toolkit is best viewed in a PDF compliant app, such as iBooks for iPhone.  However, if you would like to utilise the “editing” functions (such as ticking the checklist, or including questions etc), the checklist is best used with an “editable” PDF application.  We recommend an application such as PDF Reader, which can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad for free.

D. How to use the editable toolkit

The 2017 year-end tax toolkit is an editable Adobe PDF document.  This means that the PDF has a bookmarked index, can be searched and has editing functions.  These functions are described below.

E. Index of chapters

The toolkit contains 13 chapters.  To navigate your way through the toolkit, the PDF document has an index of chapters.  In order to access the chapter index, simply press on the “bookmarks” option in Adobe.

F. Inserting your contact details

The toolkit allows you to enter your contact details at Chapter 2A. 

G. Completing the toolkit

The toolkit has close to 200 tax planning considerations.   Not all of these ideas will be relevant to your particular circumstances and it will be important to identify those ideas that are worth considering before 30 June.  The toolkit allows you to “tag” any of the ideas for further discussion with your Pitcher Partners representative.  This can be done by clicking any of the option boxes.

H. Review points

At the end of every chapter, the toolkit allows you to enter notes relating to that chapter.  This may be useful if you have specific questions relating to a certain chapter topic (or other planning considerations) that you would like to discuss further. 

I. Saving your toolkit responses

The toolkit is an editable PDF, which allows you to save all of your responses in the PDF document.  Accordingly, by saving the file as a new document all of your responses are saved into the form.  You can then simply send the file back to your Pitcher Partners representative for further discussion and consideration.

For more information, or to organise a meeting to work through your year-end tax planning, contact your regular Pitcher Partners representative or one of our experts below.

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