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By admin - February 27, 2020

Katie Nguyen

Senior Analyst

Technical whiz and empath

When Katie completed a double degree in Bachelor of Laws and Commerce majoring in accounting, she knew she didn’t want to be a traditional accountant. While she naturally gravitated towards working with numbers she also enjoyed the law and, after dipping her toes in intellectual property, commercial law and family law, she aspired to a career that combined both vocations. 

Image: Katie’s profession combines her two professional interest areas; law and accounting. 

“My sister knew an insolvency accountant; she described their role and how it’s a fine balance between law and accountingKnowing the firm specialised in this area, she encouraged me to apply for a graduate role at Pitcher Partners.” 

Katie describes her first year at Pitcher Partners as enlightening. “I was learning from everyone - managers invited me to meetings to observe and take notes and my buddy took time to answer my many questions. My role was very hands-on, particularly considering my junior position. It sounds cliché, but it really is a genuine support network. 

A career in insolvency requires high emotional intelligence as well as analytical and technical aptitude. “Empathy isn’t taught at university – I’ve had to develop and strengthen the skill to manage relationships with the different stakeholders I encounter every day. Stakeholders can be from all walks of lifesuch as employees, creditors, government departments, landlords and lawyersThe ability to put myself in their shoes helps me approach each case differently to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Growth and mentorship 

“My communication skills have also improved since commencing at Pitcher Partners. When I started, I was anxious to pick up the phone to speak to creditors. Through time and experience, I can now do it with ease. I have had many insightful and challenging conversations. It has been a great learning curve.”  

Katie is now a Senior Analyst, working autonomously on various matters. She credits her confidence to the supportive team she works with, “It’comforting to know there is a level of trust in my capabilities and the decisions I make.”  

The mentoring attitude adopted by her team means, in her words, “I am free to work independently, but I know I can bounce ideas off somebody if I need to. This prepares me for the next step, whatever it may be.” 

The top three qualities for success 

Katie’s top 3 qualities to a successful career in Business Recovery and Insolvency Services at Pitcher Partners are: 

  • Technical knowledge – A bachelor’s degree is not enough. Continuous technical development through training programs will keep you up-to-date with changes in legislation and in industry trends that impact the insolvency specialisation. 
  • Ability to adapt – As an insolvency accountant you are often thrown into challenging situations; no case is the same. The ability to adapt and deal with those situations flexibly, while working under pressure, will help drive your career. 
  • Care and empathy – Woften deal with distressed individuals who have been negatively impacted in some way due to financial hardship. The ability to empathise is an essential skill to cement relationships, gain trust and make a difference. 

Pitcher Partners is made up of a broad range of people from diverse beginnings. Meet all of our career ambassadors and read their personal journeys of success here.

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