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Insights: Not-for-profit survey

Welcome to our not-for-profit sector insights hub, where you’ll discover the opportunities and challenges for the NFP sector this year and beyond.

An NFP sector primed for change is a dynamic sector

In February 2022, we conducted a survey to understand how NFPs are responding to a constantly changing landscape.

The survey findings present many opportunities and challenges for the NFP sector, as service delivery and sustainability take a digital turn and funding sources diversify beyond government dependence.

For NFPs to evolve and thrive in a rapidly changing environment, they will need to review their digital capability, governance frameworks and financial sustainability, together with continued consideration as to how to attract and retain the right talent.

You can browse the articles below to delve deeper into these topics and more, plus you can access the full report by entering your details into the form below.

Pitcher Partners Not-For-Profit Survey Report
How NFPs can develop a strategy in a changing landscape

COVID-19 has impacted attitudes to strategic planning. 85% of survey respondents confirmed that it has led to a refinement of future planning processes.

In this article, you’ll discover the top strategic challenges for NFPs in the next three to five years, and why a health check of the organisation’s approach to strategy may be needed.

How NFPs can attract and retain staff

While 75% of NFPs identified talent attraction and retention as a key challenge in the next three to five years, nearly half said they do not monitor organisational culture, a key consideration that impacts retention and staff engagement.

Read this article to discover the top challenges for NFPs in attracting and retaining the right staff, plus you can find seven ways to tackle these challenges.

Why NFPs need to diversify their income streams

Although donated support from the private and public sector continues to dominate the income sources for NFPs in absolute terms, the expectation is that alternative forms of income will grow in importance.

Read on to discover why alternative forms of income are becoming more important for NFPs.

How NFPs should manage their capital reserves

A focus on managing liquidity, downside risks and responding to expected lower long-term returns for invested capital suggests a re-basing of priorities following the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this article, you’ll discover the top four priorities for NFPs for managing capital reserves.

What NFPs should consider when developing ESG strategies

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations have become a hot topic in recent years – particularly in the NFP sector. Encouragingly, the survey overwhelmingly points to the driver of this ESG focus being for organisations to ensure their investment approach aligns with its mission.

Read this article to find out what you need to consider when developing ESG strategies and practices for investments.

4 steps for NFPs to implement a governance framework

Clarity of purpose and group strategy were the top identified governance priorities of responding NFPs, emphasising the increasingly professional and formal approach adopted by the sector.

Read on to find four simple steps for implementing a sound governance framework.

What NFPs should consider before investing in technology

While technology investment in client relationship management systems (CRMs) and websites are the top two focus areas for NFPs for the next three years, the question remains whether prioritising revenue over managing risk is a smart strategy.

In this article, you’ll learn what to consider before making an investment in technology.

About the survey

Pitcher Partners is committed to supporting the not-for-profit sector to adapt, grow and achieve their strategic initiatives. As part of this commitment, we conducted a survey of the sector in February 2022.

The aim of the survey was to develop an understanding of how NFPs are responding to the constantly changing landscape and provide the opportunity to benchmark themselves across a range of strategic, governance and operational elements.

We wish to thank all respondents for participating in and contributing to the survey. We trust you find our report and analysis to be a valuable contribution to the NFP sector as it evolves.

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