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By admin - October 9, 2017

Award-winning architectural and consulting firm, Crone, has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane working in markets across Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

What drives your business?

Recognising that with every project there is an opportunity to explore beyond the traditional bounds of architecture, tackling problems from unpredictable angles and finding thoughtful, innovative solutions.

How did you build your business?

Founder Donald Crone unveiled his ambitious plans for the Centrepoint Tower in 1968 and now decades later the firm, led by directors Greg Crone, Niall Durney, Sandra Furtado and Kieran Gleeson, is still designing transformative structures that shape and remake cities.

What's behind your success?

We recognise that intelligent, creative architecture unites technology, sustainability and human emotion and, coupled with our decades-strong network within the design and construction industries, allows us to formulate a thorough solution to design and deliver projects across all scales and sectors.

Tell us about one the biggest challenges you've faced?

The business of Architecture is rapidly changing.

Now more than ever architectural practices need to build a strong design brand and establish a point of difference. Diversity and collaboration in our practice has been one of our strengths in recent years and we want to continue to nurture this. 

Where would you like to see your business in 10 years?

We want to focus on the quality of our service and the quality of our buildings. In 10 years we want to see our practice undertake more civic work both locally and internationally and to be known as a thought leader in our field.

What would you like your legacy to be?

For Crone to be known as the birthplace of buildings that challenge their surroundings and motivate people to explore new ways of living, working and connecting with each other.

What makes you proud?

We were delighted to be the recipient of the Sulman Medal for Public Architecture and the NSW Premier’s Prize at the 2017 NSW Architecture Awards for Orange Regional Museum. Announced on 1 July by the Australian Institute of Architects, the awards profile the innovative work of architects through peer recognition while promoting architects and architecture within NSW.

Crone began work on the 1,300 square-metre museum after winning a competitive tender process with the brief to strategically place the building to create a distinctive civic square between new structures and the existing Orange Library and Art Gallery. The Museum serves a significant function in the local community, housing an exhibition space, visitor information centre, café and council office space, while also playing host to a variety of temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Crone Design Director, Niall Durney, said:

“We are extremely proud to have won the Sulman Medal for Public Architecture, one of the most distinguished awards in the State, particularly as our mission was to create a forward-thinking design for the Orange Regional Museum that would contribute to the community and create a new destination for the area.”

Orange Regional Museum is Crone’s first cultural project, leading the Company into a direction beyond commercial buildings for which it is best known. 

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