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Latest news

Beware - The ATO is checking share transactions back to 20 Sep...

sharemarket montage

The ATO has commenced a data-matching exercise under which it is estimated that more than 95...

Foreign income and assets - ATO Project Do It (Disclose Offsho...

There is just over one month left to declare overseas income and assets under this ATO...

Retirement Villages: Changed ATO view re the deductibility of...

The ATO has changed its view on the deductibility of payments to residents upon cessation of...


Retirement Villages: changed ATO view re the deductibility of...

The ATO has announced that it no longer holds the view that the payments...

Indexation of fuel excise and the impact on fuel tax credits

Indexation of fuel excise and the impact on fuel tax credits

The Government has announced that it will proceed with the indexation of...

FBT exemption for employees of public and not-for-profit hospi...

The ATO has issued a draft TD on the scope of the FBT exemption covering...


Business investment vs personal wealth creation


Wealth creation paths require careful planning, commitment and ongoing attention.

Daughters step up in succession

The role of sons and daughters has changed dramatically in what is being called a ‘new...

Doing business in Australia's oil and gas industry

Gas cooking element alight

AUSTRALIA is an attractive oil and gas investment destination and is, for the most part,...

Ross Walker


Managing Partner and Partner - Audit and Risk Assurance

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John Brazzale


Managing Partner and Partner/Executive Director - Tax Consulting

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Tom Verco


Managing Principal - Accounting and Business Advisory

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Carl Millington


Managing Partner and Partner - Audit Risk and Assurance

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Bryan Hughes


Partner - Business Recovery and Insolvency Services

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Greg Farrow


Managing Partner

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National Heart Foundation


The professionalism and experience of Pitcher Partners kept the project on the rails...

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Country Road


Country Road is Australia’s first lifestyle brand with its international head office located in Richmond, Melbourne...

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Disability Services


A disability services provider approached Pitcher Partners to undertake a tender process to select a new scalable...

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@PitcherPartner What does the visit of the Indian Prime Minister @narendramodi mean for Indo-Australian trade and your business?