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"Make in India" is turning red tape into red carpet.

sparking electrical board

On the eve of his departure for the United States, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a...

Governance in sport

Governance has become an important issue in the sporting industry and effective sports...

Accounting for share-based payments

Stock market board

In this month’s newsletter, we discuss the financial reporting by an entity when it undertakes...


Transfer Pricing Documentation - What you need to know (and do...

Whilst transfer pricing documentation safe harbours are currently under...

FBT - The Hunger Project Australia case

Many hands holding many seedlings

More organisations may now qualify as Public Benevolent Institutions and...

Tax planning toolkit for 30 June 2014

Chess pieces

The 30 June 2014 year-end is quickly drawing to a close. To assist you in...


Doing business in Australia's oil and gas industry

Gas cooking element alight

AUSTRALIA is an attractive oil and gas investment destination and is, for the most part,...

Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)


​The Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (Act) empowers the Federal Treasurer or...

What keeps SME business owners awake at night

​A recent survey conducted by Pitcher Partners of over 300 property and construction...

Nigel Fischer


Managing Partner and Partner - Business Advisory

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John Brazzale


Managing Partner and Partner/Executive Director - Tax Consulting

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Carl Millington


Managing Partner and Partner - Audit Risk and Assurance

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Tom Verco


Managing Principal - Accounting and Business Advisory

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Bryan Hughes


Partner - Business Recovery and Insolvency Services

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Greg Farrow


Managing Partner

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National Heart Foundation


The professionalism and experience of Pitcher Partners kept the project on the rails...

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Country Road


Country Road is Australia’s first lifestyle brand with its international head office located in Richmond, Melbourne...

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Disability Services


A disability services provider approached Pitcher Partners to undertake a tender process to select a new scalable...

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@PitcherPartner Adrian Clerici comments on how outsourcing is helping small business and start-ups http://t.co/xefsecGTRr