Small city opportunities growing as high-skilled professions boom

September 24, 2019

Young professionals in Australia have historically gravitated towards Melbourne or Sydney to realise their career goals. The 2016 census showed a shift in Australia’s workforce however – a shift that provides alternative opportunities for young professionals wanting a high-flying career without having to move to a big city.

Degree-qualified professionals in hot demand in smaller Australian cities

According to the 2016 census, 31.6 per cent of Australia’s workforce is made up of high-skilled professions. These professions, such as accounting and teaching, require a bachelor’s degree. With a higher growth rate than any other segment of Australia’s workforce, growing at 8.3 per cent since 2006, degree-qualified professionals are in hot demand throughout Australia, particularly in smaller cities.

At a recent Pitcher Partners Adelaide Property Breakfast, the panel discussed the trend of most young professionals aged between 20 to 30 years old moving to larger metropolises to pursue their career goals. This move is creating a skills gap ready to be filled by workers open to building their careers in a city like Adelaide. In response to the discussion at the event, one panel member said, “You (Adelaide) have to have a lifestyle that young people want to live in.”

“In a population like Adelaide, you can easily be an influencer; you can mould the industry to what you want it to be - take ownership of the city, make it yours.”

These opportunities can be seen at Pitcher Partners Adelaide, from staff developing client-facing skills with CEOs to forging global connections with prominent international businesses.

The opportunity to make a mark

The efforts of ambitious employees are more easily recognised in smaller workforces as well as in smaller cities. Joining local committees and chambers of commerce provides tremendous growth opportunities that may take years to access in a larger city.

Anusha Murali, Assistant Manager in Pitcher Partners’ Adelaide, says her career took off in Adelaide due to her direct work with Partners and clients. “I came to the country some 15 years ago and the second job I got was with Pitcher Partners,” Ms Murali explained.

“From the time I was hired, I have always had the opportunity to work directly with the Partner and the client, which I feel is a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills to tackle various situations. I feel that this is the right balance.”

Gaining global experience

In a highly globalised world, having international work experience helps young high-skilled professionals set up their careers for the future. Pitcher Partners offers international secondments to staff working in the Adelaide firm. Employees have access to a global network of firms, under the Baker Tilly International network, with over 700 offices across 147 countries. This gives staff an opportunity to explore the world while developing important professional skills.

Personal growth personalised

Smaller firms also allow a more intimate space for community collaboration projects and personal growth initiatives. Wellness programs including lunchtime yoga, group PT sessions, and quarterly wellness seminars on mindfulness, meditation and teamwork allow staff to forge tighter working relationships.

“Opportunities in Adelaide are abundant, and if you perform well, I think there is a good chance that you can progress well in your career,” says Ms Murali.

“With the [Pitcher Partners’] clientele being a myriad of different businesses – listed, small, medium and not-for-profits, I have been able to learn and absorb how a business is run and have been able to give input to the management in regards to any shortfalls in controls that they might have.

“Being a small team has its advantages with the reach you have within the team and the client. I have definitely had a big learning curve from the time I have been with Pitcher Partners, and I can only see it go further. I don’t think this would have been possible to achieve in other bigger cities where the numbers are multifold within the organisation.”

If both growing your career and a great lifestyle appeal to you, check out the opportunities available with Pitcher Partners Adelaide.

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