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By admin - February 27, 2020

Piuli Samir


Coffee enthusiast and aspiring leader

Transitioning from study to full-time work can be daunting, but an internship with Pitcher Partners Business Advisory and Assurance (BAA) division gave Piuli a flexible and multifaceted introduction to professional services, and the start of an exciting career. 

Piuli applied for Pitcher Partners’ internship program in pursuit of practical experience as a requirement to complete her undergraduate degree in professional accountancy. In the process, she gained a real-life understanding of the finance industryreaffirming her interest and commitment.   

In BAA, wmanage client projects in working groups. work with many team members on different audit engagements. It’s a great way to operate because it’s not all routine - every day is different, and the clients are quite diverse as well.” 

As aanalyst, Piuli visits approximately four clients a month and often remains onsite with a laptop to complete her work. The exposure to various projects has allowed Piuli to forge countless professional and personal relationships. “I meet a lot of different people and there’s a really good culture on my team, as well as the firm in general. Everyone is very friendly.”

Ongoing development

Piuli recognised the scope for learning at Pitcher Partners, so when offered an ongoing role following her internship, she gladly accepted. But first, she would take a year to complete her studies and travel through Europe and Canada. 

Since returning to Pitcher Partners, Piuli has progressed to Analyst 3 and is gradually taking on greater responsibilities. She was nominated by her manager for the Foundations of Leadership program in which she learns about: 

  • public speaking, 
  • how to manage people and distribution of work, 
  • how to delegate effectively, 
  • as well as how to have meaningful conversations with a team, peers and partners, alike. 

This learning has helped Piuli to better understand her own working style and the working styles of others, assisting her to develop the soft skills required to pursue her longer-term career goals 

“If you have the ambition, Pitcher Partners provides the opportunities to create the professional career you desire, remarks Piuli. 

week in the life of a graduate brings many opportunities 

Before commencing as a graduate, Piuli wasn’t sure what full-time work in professional services would be like. But, two years on, Piuli describes days filled with variety, and lots of coffee. 

“Starting your day right means a quick visit to the internal café [available at some Pitcher Partners firms] for a caffeine hit before joining in the daily team stand-up meeting where we discuss the day’s projects and deliverables. A check of my emails can reveal important deadlines that require me to block out my calendar for solid work, or could include opportunities for learning and development sessions, or even client meetings where I get to hear about how my contributions can help drive meaningful results for a client’s business.” 

A typical day can include: 

  • Coffee run 
  • Team stand-up 
  • Client work 
  • Lunch 
  • Client meetings
  • Learning and development workshop 

Pitcher Partners is made up of a broad range of people from diverse beginnings. Meet all of our career ambassadors and read their personal journeys of success here.

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