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By admin - February 27, 2020

Katija Lusic


Adventurer and tax specialist

Katija’s passion for learning and drive to succeed was apparent from a young age - a pursuit that would continue well into adulthood. Her more creative endeavours, including piano and language studies in German and Italian, were matched by her professional academic pursuits, including a Bachelor of Commerce concurrent with a Diploma in Languages and currently the CA qualification. 

Kick-starting her professional career in her second year of university studies, Katija worked part-time at smaller accounting firm whilst completing her bachelor’s degree full-time, acknowledging she had a passion for business and numbers. Fast-forward to the end of her degree and Katija was looking to take the next step in her career. 

A brand with a reputation 

Studying and working in the accounting industry, Katija had heard positive things about Pitcher Partners – a firm known for its specialisation in taxation and also for the care it shows to clients and staff. This reputation was promptly confirmed when Katija secured an interview for a graduate role in the PBFA division – an area of the firm specialising in services privately held and family-owned businesses. 

Katija knew she wanted to join Pitchers in the first interview. She recalls asking her interviewers, both Managers from different divisions, “how long have you been with the firm?” - both proudly responding they had commenced as graduates and grown into their current roles.  

“Most people that commence as a grad don't aspire to become a manager at the same firm if they are unhappy.” The firm’s ability to retain people spoke volumes about the interest and investment in staff careers – a subtle signalling about the firm’s culture and the development support shown to its people. 

“Whilst the partners are mentors, they respect my skills and experience as well, which gives meaning and value to the role I play and the work I do – that’s a really distinctive difference.” 

Ongoing mentorship and guidance from partners and managers mean Katija feels supported to maintain her focus on work whilst completing her CA and still being offered opportunities to further develop.  

Achieving balance  

After working with the firm for two years, Katija took a career break and an extended trip to Europe for several monthsA testament to the firm’s culture, support and flexibility, she returned to Pitcher Partners later that same year, to a different division – Taxation. 

Katija wanted to continue her CA studies but was seeking more work life balance during the study period. Katija remarks, “tax is fast-paced and spans a diverse range of matters, so I initially assumed there would be limited flexibility with my role.” The support from the partners for Katija to work on a part-time basis meant she could balance her focus between client work and her desire to expedite her Chartered Accountant (CA) studies. 

Reflecting on the move to part-time work, Katija says it hasn't hindered her career or reduced opportunities for progression - something she appreciates. Now an accountant specialising in R&D and transfer pricing, working and studying concurrently meant Katija’s learnings were practical with exposure to the gamut of accounting and taxation matters. 

“At Pitcher Partners, we’re encouraged to take ownership of our careers, with internal opportunities to develop our skillsets – both technical and soft skills. We’re not forced to follow a single path.” 


Image: Katija’s career continues to develop at Pitcher Partners. 

“Whilst the partners are mentors, they respect my skills and experience as well, which gives meaning and value to the role I play and the work I do – that’s a really distinctive difference.” 

Having just recently completed and passed her final CA exam, Katija is looking forward to returning to a full-time roll later this year, and is appreciative of the flexibility afforded to her. Ongoing mentorship and guidance from partners and managers means Katija feels supported to maintain her focus on work and continue to progress her career to the next level at Pitcher Partners. 

Pitcher Partners is made up of a broad range of people from diverse beginnings. Meet all of our career ambassadors and read their personal journeys of success here.

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