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By admin - February 27, 2020

Aldo Sriwahyudi

Senior Accountant

Accountant and aspiring video producer

Fresh out of high school, Aldo joined Pitcher Partners as a cadet. Eight years on, he’s now a senior accountant with the firm, complete with a Bachelor of Commerce. 

Working his way up through the ranks while simultaneously completing his bachelor’s degreeAldo has developed a rewarding career with exposure to diverse on-the-job learning across tax and accounting. 

Now nestled within the Private Business and Family Advisory division in Pitcher Partners SydneyAldo helps clients to understand and manage their complex tax situations – going above and beyond to help client organisations drive newfound value. 

Image: Aldo’s career continues to move from strength to strength. 

According to Aldo, “it is the moments when clients tell you that your work has made a difference that I’m most proud of. Sometimes it’s as simple as a chat about their current challenge that can make the world of difference to them and their business”. 

Team support 

Aldo knows he couldn’t do it without the support of his team, acknowledging the firm’s “focus on nurturing a genuinely collaborative environment. I feel comfortable discussing any challenges I might encounter, we work as one team”. 

Years later, it’s now Aldo’s turn to mentor the younger generation of accountants. “Junior team members come to me with questions, and it is nice to give back. I take the time to ensure they really understand - I was once in their shoes, I know how they feel. 

Aldo fondly reflects on his cadetship, highlighting the benefits of working while learning, “it wasn’t just textbook scenarios - I had real and practical hands-on experience and the guidance of supportive mentors who were there to answer my questions and help me with new concepts. 

More than just work 

When he is not in front of spreadsheets, Aldo is behind the camera. “One of my hobbies is videography. At Pitcher Partners Sydney we celebrate the end of the financial year with a bang. I recorded footage on the night and made a highlight clip, which was then showcased at our firm update. It was so rewarding to see my work on the big screen for everyone to enjoy”. It looks like accountants can be creative too – it’s not all about spreadsheets and reports!” he jokes. 

The top-3 qualities to for success 

Aldo’s top-3 qualities to a successful career at Pitcher Partners are: 

  • A strong work ethic – Hard work is essential to a successful career. Demonstrating initiative, commitment and dedication results in good habits that help you succeed.  
  • Communication skills – Being a good communicator helps you to clearly express yourself to others. An important component of good communication is the ability to listen. In business, it’s important to listen in order to understand the mission and goals of your clients and colleagues to best support them. 
  • Not being afraid to give things a go – don’t be afraid of putting your hand up for new challenges – it’s the best way to learn. Embrace new adventures, meeting new people within the firm and participating in activities you normally wouldn’t. 

Pitcher Partners is made up of a broad range of people from diverse beginnings. Meet all of our career ambassadors and read their personal journeys of success here.

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