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Maggie Tryde

Meet Maggie Tryde, a global citizen and aspiring audit expert who is taking part in the Pitcher Partners Melbourne graduate program.

Global citizen and aspiring audit expert 

After a diverse career spanning many industries and even continents, Maggie’s career took its first foray into professional services when she decided to embark on the Pitcher Partners Melbourne graduate program.

Drawn to the firm’s reputation for career progression and a supportive culture, the Melbourne firm was the obvious choice for Maggie to start her accounting career.

Coming into the program having completed a Bachelor of Accounting, something that really stood out to Maggie when considering her next graduate steps was how clearly Pitcher Partners highlighted the importance of diversity in the firm and within the program.

“The first thing that stood out to me was the clear multiculturalism and how important diversity was to the firm,” says Maggie.

“It really made me feel that I, as a multicultural individual, would be supported in my career.”

An avid learner and passionate about constantly improving her technical skills, Maggie was encouraged by her leadership team to complete her Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA1) earlier this year and has since begun Chartered Accountant studies.

For someone who appreciates learning by doing, Maggie reflects that one of the best things about her graduate experience is how her colleagues and senior staff consistently think from a graduate perspective.

“I’m always encouraged to try a task myself first before asking questions, but I know I can always ask my team for help at any time. It’s a really supportive place to learn and work.”

The opportunity to work with different practice areas has been of great benefit to Maggie, allowing her to experience practice areas beyond her passion area of audit.

“The opportunity to be exposed to different service areas gives you a better understanding of how the work we do can impact clients and see how different businesses work which is interesting,” she says.

Maggie is particularly thankful for the people she has met throughout her graduate journey, singling out the support from her cohort and management as key to helping to navigate the challenges of working remotely in a pandemic.

“I was initially worried that working remotely would impact my experience, but my team and cohort were so quick to reassure me that it wasn’t that case, always there to answer questions and assist me in whatever way I needed.”

The open-door policy from management and consistent feedback has helped her grow professionally as well, with her leadership team quick to reflect on and celebrate the incredible contributions Maggie has made in her time with the teams.

“My senior managers and buddy have really taken the time to mentor me and make sure I understand as I am learning and provided me with a lot of guidance, suggesting specific areas of training and highlighting potential learning opportunities for me.”

Looking to her professional future, Maggie is clear that she wants to specialise in audit. Complementing her accounting knowledge, she sees it as the ideal avenue for meaningful work, not just from a client’s point of view, but helping to support stakeholders, shareholders, and the wider impacted community. 

Applications are now open for the Pitcher Partners Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth graduate programs. Find out more here

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