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Jordan Michelin

Meet Jordan Michelin, who has a love of both science and accounting, and is taking part in the Pitcher Partners Melbourne graduate program.

From science major to accounting aficionado  

At the end of year 12, many aren’t sure what they want to do with their lives, and it was no different for Jordan Michelin. Graduating in 2016, Jordan wasn’t certain on his next steps, but after enjoying it in school, was inspired to start an undergraduate degree in science.  

It wasn’t until he took a commerce elective that he discovered his passion for accounting and soon after transitioned into a double degree of commerce and science. 

As an accounting and immunology major, there were several career pathways Jordan could have taken. But the focus on numbers and its collaborative nature saw accounting take his focus.  

With a passion for a team-oriented environment, challenging work and a longing to pursue a professional career, Jordan started his journey at Pitcher Partners Melbourne in the 2021 Graduate Program.  

One of Jordan’s highlights during his first year in the program has been the opportunity to experience various practice teams.  

As someone who wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to specialise in, Jordan explains that the “rotations allow you to learn what you like, more senior staff will touch base to ask you what you want to learn about and experience and guide you to the next steps.” 

This has been invaluable for Jordan as he is prompted every step of the way and gains clarity on the trajectory he wants for his professional career.  

Being an avid learner and constantly striving for both personal and professional development, Jordan has enjoyed lots of opportunities to engage in diverse weekly training, allowing him to consolidate his knowledge and apply his university studies in different ways.  

The support from more senior staff has been a highlight as Jordan describes the leadership teams as “always open to discuss and answer questions, they help give direction and allow me to experience new things.”  

He also receives regular feedback from managers and partners to help improve his skills and has been able to retain an open dialogue with them. Having completed the appropriate prerequisites at university, and having been encouraged by his team, Jordan’s next goal is completing the CA (Chartered Accountant) course, which will see him further excel in his work. 

Aside from the opportunity to experience accounting work that drew Jordan to Pitcher Partners, he was enthused by the culture and reputation of the firm, particularly the middle market focus.  

Being a team-player, he praises his audit colleagues as being “very team based, everyone is very social, based on the work that is done.” 

Outside of his accounting expertise, Jordan is a keen clarinet and tennis player and if it wasn’t for his passion for accounting, he would likely be working in a laboratory and making the most of his science degree.  

Now with a more concrete idea of what his professional career could look like, Jordan is excited to see where his accounting career will take him. 

Applications are now open for the Pitcher Partners Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth graduate programs. Find out more here.

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