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Accounting Technical

Organisations may need to apply the requirements of Australian Accounting Standards for a broad range of business reasons. In addition to preparing financial information for shareholders, finance providers and other stakeholders, the requirements of Australian Accounting Standards may need to be applied to such things as:
  • completion accounts for business acquisitions and disposals;
  • legislative ‘size’ tests to ascertain financial reporting obligations;
  • reporting to regulators and government agencies;
  • measuring assets and liabilities for dividend payment purposes;
  • calculating financial covenants.

Irrespective of the circumstances, most organisations will at some point face challenges in applying the requirements of Australian Accounting Standards.

Our accounting technical team has extensive financial reporting and advisory experience, which includes providing assistance to major listed companies, private businesses, not-for-profit organisations and public sector entities.

Subject to your specific needs, our accounting technical team can assist with such matters as:

  • clarification of financial reporting obligations;
  • application of Australian Accounting Standards;
  • impact of new and revised accounting standards;
  • appropriate accounting treatment of specific transactions and events; and
  • robust and compliant accounting policies.

Our accounting technical team has the demonstrated ability to deliver sound accounting advice to help you satisfy your financial reporting obligations.

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