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Business Advisory and Assurance 

We provide practical advice and assistance to help businesses make the most of opportunities and emerging issues. Our risk-based audit and review methodology results in a thorough understanding of the decisions facing the business, allowing us to add value to clients as well as prepare their financial reports in a timely manner.

Our assurance engagements include assisting clients with preparation of monthly management accounts, year-end reporting, income tax returns, activity statements and general advice to enable them to make informed business decisions and bring clarity to day-to-day operations.

Business Recovery and Insolvency

Even the healthiest business can come into contact with insolvency. Our Business Recovery and Insolvency team deal directly with various stakeholders, often in an aggrieved state, to investigate the affairs of an entity in a state of insolvency.

This can involve collecting records from the insolvent for analysis, preparing and reviewing detailed correspondence and statutory forms, liaising with legal representatives, attending court hearings, securing assets and negotiating with various stakeholders. Work within the team is challenging and constantly evolving based on the particular needs of each appointment. We provide business recovery and insolvency services that achieve maximum recovery levels and strengthen businesses into the future.


Our consultants cut through the choices and challenges facing businesses to tailor insightful yet practical solutions that help you take advantage of disruption.

We use agile, leading edge thinking to deliver commercially relevant strategic planning. Our consultants can help you navigate feasibility studies, viability studies, contract negotiations, financial analysis and modelling, tailored IT solutions and organisational reviews.

Private Business and Family Advisory

Our Private Business and Family Advisory team works predominantly with privately run businesses, including family businesses, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals. We provide business solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. 

Our core service offering includes annual compliance, preparation of management accounting financial statements, income tax returns and business activity statements. As a trusted advisor, we may also assist our clients with arranging forecasting, budgeting, superannuation and investment holding structuring. For many clients we provide monthly and quarterly reporting assistance including acting in an outsourced financial controller role, providing expertise. 

Risk Services

Our Risk Services team assesses the activities and risks our clients face in order to improve their business practices. As the facilitator of change at an organisational and business process level, we make a real difference to our clients by identifying their untapped potential and supporting continuous improvement.

To support our audit and assurance offering, we undertake a broad range of risk management services. We are specialists in enterprise risk management, internal audit, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, advanced data mining and specialised information technology security assurance.

Tax Consulting

Our Tax Consulting team is one of the most experienced in Australia. Our team of specialists and experienced professionals can manage any taxation issue regardless of size or complexity. We are legislative experts with longstanding institutional relationships with the ATO, and we advocate for effective tax legislation that benefits our clients.

As a member of our Tax Consulting division, you could be advising on income taxes, capital gains taxes, international taxes, transaction taxes and employment taxes, all in the context of structuring transactions and/or organisations to legitimately minimise their taxation liability. 



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Rob Southwell

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Managing Partner and Partner – Private Business and Family Advisory

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Nigel Fischer

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Managing Partner - Private Business and Family Advisory

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Michael Minter

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Managing Partner

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Leon Mok

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Managing Director

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Brendan Britten

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Managing Partner and Executive Director/Partner- Business Advisory and Assurance

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Tom Verco

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Managing Principal - Private Business and Family Advisory

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