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Pitcher Partners Consulting

Scaling new heights and exploring opportunities is at the heart of every business journey. But it takes more than a vision to realise the dream. It takes a team of dedicated professionals working tirelessly to achieve ultimate success.

At Pitcher Partners our Consulting team delivers insightful and practical outcomes to create a better future for our clients and stakeholders.

We support our clients and help them navigate through the myriad of business choices and challenges, prioritising those which make sense to them and arriving at solutions that best fit their needs.  

Our clients achieve their long-term objectives by accessing our scale, reach and intellectual capital.  In the process we enjoy mutually beneficial, enduring relationships. It is our quality advice, in-depth understanding and distinctive, tailored approach that creates this unique bond.  We work alongside them to help plan, design, build, launch and track their every step throughout the journey; together we make every mission a success.

Using a tried and tested methodology allows us to generate actionable insights:


Business Strategy and Planning Business Case Development
Change Management (Workplace/Organisation) IT Security
Channels to Market Digital Strategy
Revenue Growth Strategies Business Analysis
Project Management and Governance Costing and Pricing Analysis
Business Systems Review Business Intelligence/Analytics
Infrastructure/Managed Services Advisory Benchmarking
CIO as a Service Financial Modelling
IT Review Franchise Consulting
Disaster Recovery Planning Talent Management
Business Process Management HR Strategy and Planning
Vendor Selection Staff Performance Management
Succession Planning Staff Communication
Competitive Tendering and Contract Support Position Clarity and Organisational Structure Design
Commercial and Financial Procurement Advisory HR Audit and Legislative Compliance
Probity Industrial and Employee Relations
Organisational Performance Generalist HR Services
Goal Achievement Programs Staff Culture and Engagement
IT Governance Staff Training and Leadership Development
IT Strategy and Planning Recruitment Advice and Support
IT Organisational Capability Business Model Design


Strategy and Planning

Engaging people, systems, process and networks to grow revenue and create new possibilities; guide you safely through every business cycle

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Technology Essentials

It is a key business imperative and driver of performance that organisations need to continually review and improve

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Digital Innovation

Helping you understand and traverse an ever-changing digital economy where insight, rapidity and customer engagement are the new currency for success

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Succession Planning

A steady and progressively managed transition, and when started early, will provide certainty and assurance to you and to future generations

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Governance and Procurement

Ensuring absolute compliance with clear focus on decision-making, direction setting and communication, creating an efficient, competitive, equitable and correctly focused outcomes

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People, Culture and Leadership

A full scope HR service with a commitment to building human capital through genuine and targeted HR insights, practical and cost effective solutions, and a flexible delivery model

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