PAN-ning for growth opportunities

By Melanie Dawes - March 27, 2018

Since its inception 20 years ago, joint stock company, The PAN Group (PAN), has shown consistent growth, often resulting from capitalising on opportunities or knowing when the timing was right for that next strategic move.

What drives your business?

We are an eclectic group of people with a diverse skill set all united by our passion to create environments to empower people with passion and great ideas to change the world. Our diversity across personality and skill sets is intentional so we can choose different combinations of resources to partner with businesses that need both financial and human capital to get the best outcome.

How did you build your business?

PAN has been an evolution over many years investing in our IP. Multiple business roles across every facet of an organisation have enabled our team to establish reputations for getting outcomes, building genuine and authentic relationships based on aligned values and focussing on exponential returns without compromising on those values.

Our IP sounds simple but it’s incredible how many organisations lay out their operating principles in writing but are inconsistent in their application. We passionately believe that business performance matters, but only when conducted through the lens of shared values.

We continue to grow because we are neither humble nor arrogant, confident in what we know and inherently curious about what we don’t. Our strong belief is that the question is more powerful than the answer which enables us to get to the truth rather than just accept the conventional wisdom.

What's behind your success?

Holding ourselves accountable to living the values we espouse and not being side tracked by politics and the promise of financial return at the expense of values.

Tell us about one of the biggest challenges you've faced?

One of our biggest challenges to date was as equally testing as liberating. PAN evolved from a team of business operators that had success in turning around assets in financial distress and getting exponential returns for the owners. Whilst we wanted to build a business based on those hard core operating skills and continue to generate exponential returns, we only wanted to partner with people that shared our values.

Holding ourselves accountable to those principles, we declined to get involved with several lucrative opportunities as we built the business when working capital for our growth was sorely needed. By sticking to that principle and being patient we have been able to invest financial and human capital in businesses that PAN aligns with.

Where would you like to see your business in 10 years?

Be the go to option for great people with great ideas that want more than just a financial partner.

What makes you profound?

Seeing great people achieve their dreams knowing we were an important part of the journey. We are equally as passionate about the people at PAN as those we co-invest and create partnerships with.

What would you like your legacy to be?

We are unapologetic in our drive to create the environment for people with an extraordinary amount of passion to change the world. We hope we can help make this happen.

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