Metropolitan Partnerships role for Melbourne Partner, Vicki Macdermid

By admin - June 9, 2017

Vicki Macdermid, Partner at Pitcher Partners, has been named among a select few as a member of the Victorian' Government's Southern Metropolitan Partnership advisory board.

The Partnerships are designed to better link government with Victorians by allowing them to have a greater voice on matters that affect their communities and ensuring their needs are being heard at the political level.

"It is a great honour for me and represents a significant challenge, but one I take up with enthusiasm and relish," Ms Macdermid said.

" As we have offices in the south east, Pitcher Partners, and me personally, have a vested interest in ensuring the ongoing growth and prosperity of the Southern Metropolitan region, both as a place to live as well as work.

"Taking on the responsibility of being an advocate in essence, for our firm, staff and clients, means I am doing the best I can to ensure better outcomes are delivered for everyone."

Ms Macdermid will join other notable and influential Southern Metropolitan business and community members ranging from health and care sectors, transport and logistics representatives right through to local government officials and business people.

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