Graduate ambassador | Sudish Perera

February 8, 2019

Sudish Perera


Sports enthusiast and budding advisory professional

It was the chance sighting of a social media post amongst footballers that changed Sudish Perera’s career trajectory from engineer to analyst. Now a consultant at Pitcher Partners, he found a way to combine his passions for business strategy, financial modelling, transport – and sport.

Sudish’s love of sport led to an unexpected introduction to accounting, audit and advisory firm Pitcher Partners in 2018. He’d already accepted a graduate position elsewhere in transport engineering when he stumbled across a post on his football team’s Facebook group, gauging interest for a different graduate program. The post caught his eye because of one word, ‘Pitchers’ – the colloquial name used to describe the firm at which his two best friends work. Sudish and his friends exchanged jokes at the proposition of working together. His initial thoughts were “Pitcher Partners is an accounting firm, I’m never going to be an accountant” – initially dismissing hopes the trio would share the same workplace.

However, upon further investigation, Sudish discovered the array of services Pitcher Partners delivers, and was intrigued at the prospect of working in the firm’s consulting division. A Commerce (Finance) and Civil Engineering graduate, Sudish saw an exciting opportunity to apply his analytical thinking in a commercial capacity. Things moved quickly from there, with Sudish progressing through the recruitment stages to accept a place in the Pitcher Partners Graduate Program.

In his graduate year at Pitcher Partners, Sudish has participated in a plethora of projects. “You’re encouraged to get involved in a wide variety of service lines. We have over ten broad service lines including business strategy and growth, cybersecurity, financial modelling and human capital. In my graduate year I’ve had the opportunity to work across most of these service lines and in the process gain exposure to a variety of industries and clients”, reflects Sudish.

“Working closely with clients to deliver insightful and practical business outcomes has been rewarding”, says Sudish. One of his highlights has been working on a commercial advisory engagement with an innovative client in the aerospace industry. It has been developing a supersonic aerial target intended to facilitate the Australian Defence Force’s training against high-speed missiles. Attending client meetings at a hangar isn’t something all graduates can say they’ve done in their first year.

Today, Sudish is still playing football – now with his new colleagues – and considers the social side of the firm a highlight of working at Pitcher Partners. He’s also on the mixed netball team, graduate basketball team and played in Pitcher Partners’ first CA (Chartered Accountant) Footy Day premiership. The benefits of social sport spill over into his working life. “It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues outside of work. When you’re back in the office you might start a conversation about how last night’s game went and end up talking about how a new project or client is going”.

In the next few years, Sudish plans to continue developing his breadth and depth of experiences in Consulting. “With each new project I’m involved in I learn something new, which as a result makes me better equipped for future projects – that’s one of the things I enjoy most about working in Consulting at Pitcher Partners”.

Pitcher Partners is made up of a broad range of people from diverse beginnings. Meet all of our career ambassadors and read their personal journeys of success here.

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