A day in the life of a graduate | Stephanie Bruce

By admin - May 22, 2018

Graduates and analysts from across our national firm share insights into what it's like to commence your career at Pitcher Partners.

Stephanie Bruce

Position: Graduate
Division: Business Recovery and Insolvency Services
Firm: Perth
Degree: Bachelor of Laws; Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
University: Curtin University

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7.00am | Buzzzzing

This morning I strategically set my alarm forward so I can grab some additional Z’s. Unfortunately this luxury doesn’t continue for too long and after the second snooze, I hop out of bed to get ready for work. Before I leave I do a quick clean of the house while deliberating whether I should drive or cycle to the train station. I procrastinate too long and end up driving. Secretly, I’m thankful as it’s quite chilly.  

8.15am | In routine

My morning routine at work is fairly standard; I rock-up, turn on my computer, check my emails and task list before going through my in-tray. Yesterday, I drafted an Initial Notification to Creditors report (a summary of a liquidated company’s affairs completed prior to our investigations into the company’s failure) and submitted it for review. Today, I note the revised copy in my tray with some amendments required. As the report’s statutory deadline is tomorrow, I quickly action the changes to avoid receiving a penalty before heading out with the team for our daily coffee run. It’s tradition. 

9.00am | Got a latte do

The morning coffee ritual is sacrosanct. Both a great way to start the working day and an exciting opportunity to catch up with the team. When we’re not discussing on-going work, we’re generally bonding over shared stories and topics ranging from the footy to the CAANZ quiz the night before.

9.30am | Interesting tasks

One of the most interesting aspects of the job is the variety of work we are exposed to. Today was no exception. I was asked to research a recent court case heard on appeal related to liquidator remuneration. Given my interest in the law, I was particularly excited by this task and rapidly sourced the case from an online database to read through it. As any true legal beagle would, I also sourced and read the case heard at first instance for context and comprehension. After reading both judgments, I drafted a short memorandum and respond to the Partner’s questions.

11.00am | Priorities

The term 'appointment' has certainly taken on new meaning since my role with Pitcher Partners began. A small majority of the work we perform relates to our appointment as receivers and managers of a mining company. Effectively, this means we run the company. My buddy works on the firm’s biggest trade-on job, so I frequently assist with common tasks which is a great way to break up my day. Today she has asked that I prepare some payments for the company’s suppliers and employees. I shuffle my current workload to complete this task as priority. With trade-on jobs, it’s important to be expeditious with tasks as delays can negatively impact the company and its relationships. After I prepare the payments, I send them to my manager to be processed and paid. I can feel confident that all parties will be happy.  

12.30pm | Break time

Staying active and getting fresh air is important, and provides a good opportunity to reflect and consider jobs I’m currently working on. This aids in both productivity and health. A fellow graduate visits my desk and asks if I want to go for a walk. Naturally, I seize the opportunity.

2.00pm | Pilot project

Shortly after I return to the office, the team informs me that the Federal Court appointed our partners as liquidators of an aviation company. I’m case staff on the new appointment. When we consent to act for court liquidations, we do so on speculation and are often unaware of the company’s history. Given this company’s industry, a lot is at stake, and one of the partners wants to meet with the directors urgently. Prior to leaving, it is my task to gather as much information as I can so the partner is informed for this meeting. I compile my information and meet with the partner to discuss my findings. We then drive to the airport to meet the client where I take notes of the meeting to file back at the office. Small trips like this are great to get out of the office, learn more about my fellow colleagues and experience the practical realities of the insolvency profession.

4.45pm | Wind-down

With all the winding-up we’ve done today, it’s time for me to finally wind-down. I update my task list, finish my timesheet and compile a new list of priorities for tomorrow - it’s beneficial to always stay organised. On the train home, I reflect on my day and scroll through the news. If there was a topic covered during the day that I wasn’t too sure of, I take this opportunity to research and understand it further.

6.00pm | Eat, sleep, work, repeat

At home, I freshen up and flop on the couch. My partner and I exchange details of our days before I tackle some College of Law study. My partner cooks me a meal and I do the dishes. Ever the domestic. As I’m finishing my studies for the night, we sit and watch something over a cuppa and some biscuits before gently drifting off to sleep. 

A Day in the Life, originally published on GradAustralia.

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