A day in the life of a graduate | Davin Delaney

By admin - May 22, 2018

Graduates and analysts from across our national firm share insights into what it's like to commence your career at Pitcher Partners.

Davin Delaney

Position: Graduate
Division: Business Recovery and Insolvency Services
Firm: Perth
Degree: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance)
University: University of Western Australia

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7.00am | Outfit choice

Once my alarm goes off I bounce out of bed, shower and pick out my outfit for the day. My outfit choice is dependent on what my plans are for the day. For example, if I know I am interacting with a client, I will wear a suit. If I know I am going to be collecting books and records at a client’s address I will wear something a little more comfortable and if it is Friday I will wear casual dress. However, the attire for a normal day at the office is suit trousers and a buttoned up long sleeve shirt. Travelling to work allows me time to transition into working mode as I listen to upbeat music to put me in the zone.

8.45am | Morning buzz - getting organised

Upon entering the office I make myself a coffee to help prepare me for the busy day ahead. This allows me to start the day fully switched on and focused on what I need to do before the business day is over. This time also provides opportunity for me to interact with my colleagues and discuss a variety of topics from the budget to ball tampering.

11.00am | Meeting deadlines

Meeting deadlines is an integral part of the Insolvency Division. This includes tasks such as submitting the Report as to Affairs with the Federal Court, lodging Business Activity Statements with the Australian Taxation Office and sending out the Annual Report to Creditors to any relevant parties. For example, I start preparing the Annual Report to Creditors for one of our clients. To put myself in the best position to complete this task to an acceptable standard I revisit the previous year’s annual report and note anything that requires an update. Last year’s annual report to creditors mentions that we will keep creditors updated regarding the collection of outstanding debts owed to the company. I review the debtor schedule making relevant notes for outstanding debtors and totalling up the amounts collected in the year. If I have any queries I know that I can either ask my buddy or the manager on the case as everyone is approachable and encouraging. 

1.00pm | Lunch time

At our office staff go to lunch anywhere between 12pm and 2pm depending on work demands. I meet up with some of my friends who work in other firms and divisions. This helps me to maintain and expand my network as well as providing me with a broader perspective on the financial sector as we discuss topical issues and hear what is happening in other parts of the industry.

3.00pm | Taking minutes

I am secretary at an Annual Meeting of Creditors. This means that while the Chairperson discusses the report with creditors present, either in person or over the phone, I note everything that is discussed and note any questions the creditors have for the Chairperson. Once I have completed this I fill out the relevant report regarding Minutes at the Annual Meeting. The Manager reviews and signs off on my report, it then goes to the Chairperson for review before I finally lodge it with ASIC.

5.15pm | Business day is over

I leave work with a sense accomplishment knowing that I have learnt a lot, completed the tasks that I was set and have enjoyed another busy day at work. I grab a sticky note and jot down the things that I need to do first thing in the morning and leave it on my desk to remind me.

6.30pm | Healthy lifestyle

I firmly believe that in order to live a healthy lifestyle while working full-time you need to set aside time for physical activity. With this in mind, I have soccer training after work, which I thoroughly enjoy as it is a perfect way of clearing my mind and releasing the energy that has built up inside me during my busy day. This leaves me physically exhausted but mentally refreshed by the end.

10.30pm | Unwind

I finish the day tired after a busy schedule and excited for what tomorrow has in store for me. Before bedtime I grab something to eat, take my dog for a quick walk, have a shower, brush my teeth and set my alarm for the morning before falling asleep.

A Day in the Life, originally published on GradAustralia.

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