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The wellbeing of your business depends on the quality of your everyday decision making. To stay head of competitors and address ongoing issues and opportunities, your responses need to be timely and smart and based on all relevant facts.

How we can help

Pitcher Partners can help ensure your decision making is based on essential financial information that will help secure the wellbeing of your business, whilst steering you confidently towards financial certainty and success.

We have extensive experience in servicing the manufacturing industry, including the provision of accounting, information technology and audit services, and regular periodic management reporting, which supplemented with more detailed financial analysis, lies at the heart of astute commercial decision making.

We can assist with understanding the real cost of production, managing lead times and the capital required to achieve financial success.

If you are serious about optimising the financial performance of your manufacturing business, then regular periodic management reporting, 3 way forecasting (profit and loss, balance sheet, funds statement), accurate cost accounting and analysis of actual vs standard cost is essential. Producing financial statements once a year to prepare your tax return is not enough.

We can also provide you with vital ongoing information that addresses cashflow, profitability, issues about performance and control, growth and development, banking, financing requirements and wealth creation and management.

Our understanding from experience with the manufacturing industry enables us to assist you to identify inefficiencies, accurately record wastage and other under recoveries, and optimise a plant’s capacity.

Our commitment to serving your interests means that we will also roll up our sleeves and become actively involved with you in your business affairs.

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